2015 Schedule Posted

The club outing and meeting schedule for 2015 was approved in the December meeting, so it has now been posted on the Schedule page.  Apologies for all the issues going on with the calendar plug-in on that page… I know it’s virtually impossible to read.  I will be doing some maintenance on the website over the holidays and I hope to get that fixed or replaced.  For now, you can download a PDF of the schedule.

Our next meeting is the annual banquet on January 24th, 2015.  Some factoids about this event:

  • The banquet will be held at the American Legion in Pekin at 6pm on Saturday, January 24th.  Jon and Jill Martin are hosting a pre-banquet get-together at their home in Pekin, not far from the Legion.  That starts at 3:00.
  • The annual banquet is a celebration of the previous year’s events and is open to all members who joined the club anytime in 2014 or prior.  If you are new and thinking about joining the club, please join us at our regular February meeting, February 7th at Avanti’s in Pekin, noon.
  • The cost to attend the banquet is $5 per person.  You should get this sent in to Jon and Jill Martin ASAP.  While you’re at it, you can also send in your membership renewal, which is $30.  Make sure you include a completed membership form.  The Martins’ address, where it should be mailed, is at the bottom.  As a reminder, members who renew after January 31st are subject to a $10 late fee.
  • Much like the Hog Eat, the club will provide the main meat dish.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Post up in the forum with what you’re bringing so we can avoid duplication.  There is a cash bar at the Legion.

Any questions?  Try the forum or drop me a note from the Contact page.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Upcoming Events

MIJC_03-22-14_Badlands_Shannon_Duling_006Our next event is The Badlands on November 15th.  This is a nice relaxing day trip when it’s nice and cool outside, usually including a stop at The Beef House on the way back.  If you’re interested, keep an eye on the forum.

The next regular meeting is Saturday, December 6th at noon at our new regular winter meeting place, Avanti’s in Pekin.  We will be ratifying new terms for three officers, so it’s a free lunch on the club.

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New photos posted!

MIJC_05-31-14_Moab_Shannon_Duling_044Wow, complain loud enough and you folks eventually come through.  Lots and lots of new pictures are now online from events across the whole year, starting with Inspections and continuing on through The Badlands (March), Moab, Redbird, Duke’s July and October, and the Hog Eat.  Thanks to Shannon Duling, Mike Peters, Frank Struwe, Will Watson, Bob Lamb and Larry Wilson for the pics.

If you still have some, it’s not too late.  Please bring a flash drive or CD to the December meeting and give it to one of the video producers (Jon, Daren, Frank or myself) or to an officer.  The December meeting will be your last chance to submit them so please don’t forget!  Brian Montgomery, I’m looking in your direction…

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Meeting Tomorrow, Nov. 1st

Join us for our monthly meeting tomorrow (Saturday, November 1st) at 12:00. Avanti’s in Pekin is our new normal spot for winter meetings. If you have photos from MIJC events, please bring them!

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Photos are now up from the Big Trip to Moab back in May.  I will admit I sat on those for awhile (apologies to John Geiselman).  But here’s the deal: we have almost no pictures from our trips.  I have pics from five events total… see for yourself.  And two of those are non-trips… the Banquet and Inspections.  Nothing from this summer.  I do have some additional video clips from Flat Nasty, but if we want to have a video this year to show at the banquet, we need more to work with.  Right now I have enough to fill one song.  Typically the video consists of four songs.

So I ask you this simple question: Do you have more than half a dozen photos or video clips from any MIJC trip that you do not already see uploaded to our photo pages?  If the answer to that is yes, then you need to shoot me an email (dave@wdln.tv) and we’ll figure out how to get them from you.  I will even drive to your house with a laptop if I have to.  It doesn’t matter if you have them on your phone, a camera, or a computer… just let me know IF you have them and we’ll work from there.

It’s actually a whole lot easier to NOT do a video… I don’t think anyone wants that.  But we can’t do it without your pics.

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Trip Plans

Harlan-KY-062Plans are currently being made in the forum for The Cliffs, which is coming up on September 20th, and also some long-range plans for The Big Trip 2015 to Harlan, Kentucky, which (tentatively) runs from May 16-25.  The club has been there before back in 2009.  If you’re interested in going, you need to get in on the ground floor so that lodging and food plans can be hashed out for the correct number of people.

Looking ahead, our next meeting is Saturday, October 4th at noon at Avanti’s in Pekin.  The cruise-in’s are all done for 2014 so we’re back to our usual mid-day meeting time.  If Avanti’s works out, that will become our usual winter meeting spot.

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