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MIJC_03-22-14_Badlands_Dan_Barding_003Photos are now up from Inspections (thank you Jeff Fitch EDIT: and Larry Wilson) and our trip to the Badlands this past weekend (thanks Dan Barding).  If you have photos to share… you know the drill.  Or maybe you don’t… contact me and I’ll send instructions.  Uploading via FTP is super-easy and it’s the easiest way for us to get the best-quality photos from you for the website and the annual video.

BTW, Jeff takes a pretty good photo.  I’ll be adding some of the portraits he took at inspections to member pages.  If you see one there or anywhere on the site that you’d like to have on your member profile page, just let me know.  Or send one of your own.  All you folks with a grey silhouette of a Jeep on your member page… I’m looking at you!

We’ve got a busy few weeks coming up.  Our next scheduled event is to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch on April 5th (forum link), then our club meeting at EP’s Timeout on April 12th, followed by Flat Nasty on April 17th (forum link).  Get out and have some fun!


Badlands – March 22

MIJC_03-16-13_Badlands_Bill_Gangloff_016The club’s first scheduled trip for 2014 is next weekend to The Badlands.  It’s usually just a day trip on Saturday, although you can get more ambitious if you like and stay the night.  It also usually involves a stop at The Beef House just inside the Indiana border.  If you’re new to the club and have never wheeled before, The Badlands is a good park to go to.  Plans are underway in the forum.

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Member pages updated

The member pages have been updated to reflect who re-upped or joined for 2014.  If you don’t see yours online anymore, it probably means you forgot to pay your dues for this year.  Contact us and we’ll get it straightened out.  If the information on your page is out of date, or you want to add or change a photo, just let me know and I’ll be happy to make the change for you.  Look around at some of the other member pages for examples of what they can look like.

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Photos Online

MIJC_01-11-14_Annual_Banquet_Larry_Wilson_011Enjoy some photos from last month’s Annual Banquet, showcasing Frank and Jon‘s video and a delicious meal.  Thanks Jeff Fitch and Larry Wilson for getting me your photos.

Got some to share?  It’s not hard to send them to me via FTP.  Let me know and I can send some directions.  Why do I always insist on doing it this way?  Grabbing photos off Facebook or other social media sites is cumbersome, takes forever for large amounts of photos, and the quality is not as good as your original images.  And size is important when we’re working on the video.  Alternatively, you can bring a disc or flash drive with you to a meeting.  Videos are welcome and encouraged too.  Thanks in advance!

A few announcements while I’m holding the microphone… we’ve got nothing scheduled in frigid February, but Inspections are coming up on Saturday, March 1st.  Tentatively the time is 12:30pm at Uftring Jeep in Pekin, but watch this page and/or the forum for confirmation closer to the date.  Lunch will be served and you can see if that bungee cord holding down your battery is Jon Martin-approved.  If you want to see what we’re looking for, download the form and you can pre-grade yourself in the garage.

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Average ordinary meeting – Feb 1st

Nothing special here… just an everyday average normal MIJC meeting.  An excuse to get together and talk about all the trips we’re going to take or all the upgrades we’re going to do on our rigs when it gets warmer.  Oh, and of course eat something.  After all, we’re all skin and bones, right?

Our regular meetings are now at EP’s Timeout in East Peoria (editor’s note: Google seems to think that the restaurant is on the south side of the train tracks… it’s further down Washington).  Join us at 12pm on Saturday, February 1st.  Potential members welcome too!

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Annual Banquet Next Weekend

IMG_1887Our Annual Banquet and Video Premiere Night is next Saturday, January 11th at the American Legion in Pekin.  Cocktails at 6pm, dinner at 7pm with a pre-banquet party at Jill and Jon’s house up the street starting at 3:00.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Reservations are required and there is a cost of $5 per person.  Actually the reservations were due a few days ago, so you’ll have to plead your case with Jill if you never turned anything in.

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to our extended Jeeper family!  For your viewing enjoyment, “If Animals Were Round”, Christmas edition.

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