Inspections coming up…

MIJC_03-01-14_Inspections_Jeff_Fitch_009Our annual Inspections event is coming up on March 7th.  Like last year, it will be at Uftring Jeep in North Pekin in their maintenance shop.  Come around 12:30 or so.  This will also be our regular March meeting and lunch will be served.

If you’ve never been to Inspections before and you’re not sure what to expect, download the form and take a look at the kinds of things we’re examining.  There’s basic stuff like whether your lights and horn work, but also secure tow points front and rear and the presence of a first aid kit.  “Failing” inspections won’t keep you from going on an event, but it’s nice to get other eyes on your Jeep, especially if you’ve recently installed some new mods.  You’ve got a couple weeks… get out there in the chill and get your Jeep up to snuff!


It’s about friggin’ time…

CalendarThe MIJC events for 2015 have now been populated into our online calendar on the Schedule page.  Links are there when possible as well as mapped locations.  It’s best to always check the forum before making travel arrangements for any trip.  And as always, if there’s nothing going on, call an audible and create your own trip!

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Happy New Year

From your friends at the MIJC.  Our next club event is the Annual Banquet… see details a few posts down.

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Merry Christmas from MIJC


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The last of the photos…

MIJC_11-15-14_Badlands_Bill_Gangloff_001New photos online from Shannon Duling, Bill Gangloff and Brian Montgomery.  Their submissions encompass the following events:

Thanks for getting those turned in, guys.

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Website issues fixed

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.27.46 AMWell this is exciting, in a nerdly way.  The issues with the calendar display on the schedule page are now fixed, and I will soon have all the events for 2015 entered into it.  You can still download a PDF as well for easy printing and posting to the bulletin board, the fridge, or the dashboard of your Jeep.

The other thing that’s been somewhat broken for awhile is the pop-up image viewer for the photo pages.  The viewer worked from the home page but not from anywhere else.  I suspect these this issue was related to the calendar problem… it was a plug-in conflict.  It now works everywhere like it’s supposed to, and makes viewing our event photos a much less “clicky” experience.  Just load up one photo, then click the arrow at the right side of the picture to advance to the next.

If you find any bugs on the site or would like to see any new features, please drop me a line!

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2015 Schedule Posted

The club outing and meeting schedule for 2015 was approved in the December meeting, so it has now been posted on the Schedule page.  Apologies for all the issues going on with the calendar plug-in on that page… I know it’s virtually impossible to read.  I will be doing some maintenance on the website over the holidays and I hope to get that fixed or replaced.  For now, you can download a PDF of the schedule.

Our next meeting is the annual banquet on January 24th, 2015.  Some factoids about this event:

  • The banquet will be held at the American Legion in Pekin at 6pm on Saturday, January 24th.  Jon and Jill Martin are hosting a pre-banquet get-together at their home in Pekin, not far from the Legion.  That starts at 3:00.
  • The annual banquet is a celebration of the previous year’s events and is open to all members who joined the club anytime in 2014 or prior.  If you are new and thinking about joining the club, please join us at our regular February meeting, February 7th at Avanti’s in Pekin, noon.
  • The cost to attend the banquet is $5 per person.  You should get this sent in to Jon and Jill Martin ASAP.  While you’re at it, you can also send in your membership renewal, which is $30.  Make sure you include a completed membership form.  The Martins’ address, where it should be mailed, is at the bottom.  As a reminder, members who renew after January 31st are subject to a $10 late fee.
  • Much like the Hog Eat, the club will provide the main meat dish.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Post up in the forum with what you’re bringing so we can avoid duplication.  There is a cash bar at the Legion.

Any questions?  Try the forum or drop me a note from the Contact page.

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