April-May Events

Although it’s still cold outside and we just experienced a freak Easter snowstorm, hopefully the light at the end of the weather tunnel is getting brighter and warmer.  Coming up on Saturday, April 7th, join us for our last regular monthly meeting at Avanti’s in Pekin at noon.  Our summer cruise-in’s will start on May 5th at Our Inn Place in Pekin.  If you’ve never been, we meet at 6pm, eat, then cruise around town and get ice cream from a different local spot, rain or shine!

Wheeling-wise, later in April we’ve got a trip scheduled to The Cliffs (Saturday 4/28).  In May we’ve got a multi-event weekend late in the month that starts with the Louie Louie Parade on Friday 5/25, a late-afternoon parade in downtown Peoria.  Full details to be confirmed later, but we usually line up in the Civic Center’s Fulton Street Lot staging area around 3pm.  That weekend is also a trail clean-up/wheeling weekend at the home of Steve Vohs, aka Duke’s Off-Road Ranch.

As with all MIJC events, watch the forum before making your travel plans.  Events can sometimes get cancelled because of weather or lack of participation.  For an interactive calendar or downloadable 1-sheet of all our events, visit the Schedule page.

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February-March Events

It’s cold out!  Well, it was REALLY cold out a few weeks ago, and now it feels like spring.  But soon it will be cold again, and then it really will be spring, and we’ll have all sorts of MIJC events we can participate in.  For now, it’s cold, and we don’t do much.  But coming up…

Our next meeting is Saturday, February 3rd at Avanti’s in Pekin, noon to 1.  This is our normal meeting place when it’s crappy outside, namely November, December, February, and April.  Why not March?  Because our March 3rd 12:30 meeting is inside the warm service shop of Uftring Jeep in Pekin, where we do our annual Jeep inspections.  The club provides lunch.  Uftring is always happy to have us there, and we’re glad to have a large place where we can get all our Jeeps inside.

If you’ve never been to inspections, take a look at the form we use.  Our current Events Coordinator (and former Safety Director) Jon Martin redesigned the list of items we check a few years back so as to better help people prepare before wheeling season starts.  Not sure how to check for a bad ball joint, universal joint or wheel bearing?  We can show you how.  Or show you what those things are.

Our first wheeling trip for 2018 is Saturday, March 10th to The Badlands in Attica, Indiana.  The ground is usually soft and wet from winter thaws so be prepared.  Towards the end of the month on Easter weekend is our annual spring trip to Flat Nasty in Jadwin, Missouri.  This is a long weekend (including Good Friday) with 3 days of cool weather, bug-free wheeling.  The folks who go do rent some trailers in the area for group accommodations, so make sure you post in the forum if you want to go.

Trivia note: it’s spelled “Flat Nasty Offraod Park” in Google Maps.  Someone needs a dictionary.

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Events Calendar Updated!

Yes, it’s that long-awaited day, late in January, when Dave finally gets off his keyster and updates the MIJC Schedule page.  Here you can find all the official club events for 2018 with useful website links and location information.  You can also download a one-page PDF of the entire list, for easy posting in a high traffic area.  If you’re like me, you already lost the paper copy you got late last year.

Of note for this year’s schedule: we are headed to a new park called Hillbillie Ranch Offroad Park, located a scant 150 miles from Peoria in Jerseyville, Illinois.  Spoiler alert: it’s near St. Louis.  New wheeling locations are always interesting, and it’s even less of a fuel-gamble when they’re in our home state.

As always, make sure you check the forum before you head off to some far-away off-road park and find that nobody else from the club showed up.  Events do get canceled and/or rescheduled because of weather or lack of interest.  The forum is where we make all travel arrangements for trips as well as planning other events like the Hog Eat and the Banquet.  If you don’t have a forum account, head there now and create yerself one.  I’ll save you some trouble: the “spam code” is 7883.

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November – December – January Events

Congratulations to the new officers nominated at the November meeting!

The vice president nomination was necessary to allow Larry Wilson, current vice president, to vacate that role and take the presidency.  Larry H. will serve the remaining year of Larry W.’s VP term and will be eligible for re-election next year.

Even though only one candidate has been nominated for each position, as per our bylaws, we still have to have an election in December.  This will likely consist of a simple “all in favor” vote for all four people.  As per tradition, the club will pick up the lunch tab at the December meeting (December 2nd, noon, Avanti’s in Pekin), so hopefully that will convince you to come out and participate in the democratic process.

The only other event scheduled for November and December is a day trip to The Badlands which is Saturday, November 11th (tomorrow).  Several members are going so if you want to participate, you can still join the discussion and caravan over.  If you have a free weekend and don’t mind cold weather (or as we like to say, Frank-Approved Temperatures), post in the forum and put together your own trip.

Our new Events Coordinator will soon be creating and distributing the 2018 club event schedule for approval, but for now, the one date we have nailed down is the Annual Banquet.  This will be held on the evening of Saturday, January 13th in our usual spot, the American Legion in Pekin.  This event is open to all members who joined anytime during or before the 2017 calendar year.  So if you’re a potential new member reading this and you’re considering joining, come to the December meeting, pay a paltry, pro-rated $2.50 to join for the final month of 2017, and you’re welcome at the banquet.

More information about the banquet will be announced at the December meeting.  You can also keep watch right here and on the forum.

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Election Correction

Frank pointed out that I had his start date wrong; he has in fact been MIJC Secretary since December 2013.  So he is ineligible to run for another term as Secretary.   We will definitely be nominating both a new Events Coordinator and Secretary at the November meeting; our president is free to serve a second term if he wishes to and the club wills it.

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September-October Events

Coming up on the long Labor Day weekend we’ve got a trip to Land Between The Lakes, planning for which is going on in the forum so post up if you’re going.  Not to be confused with Land O’ Lakes, which is butter.  The holiday weekend (and the trip) pushes back our regular club meeting to Saturday, September 9th at 6pm, which will be our final cruise-in for the summer at Cranwill’s in Pekin.  On September 23rd we have a trip to a new (to us) park, Moonlight Racing in Sullivan, Missouri.  That’s a little further than our usual day trips so watch the forum for travel arrangements.

Our October meeting on October 7th is a weenie roast hosted by Jon and Jill Martin at their house at 4pm.  The following weekend (October 14) is a club trip to Potawatomi Off-Road Park in Fulton, Missouri followed up by our annual Halloween trip to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch at the end of the month (October 28).

I’ll go ahead and spill into November for our regular meeting on November 4th, noon, at Avanti’s in Pekin, only because it is at that meeting that we nominate new officers and it’s worth some consideration.  For those of you new to the club processes, nominations close after the November meeting with elections held at the December meeting.  It’s rare that we have elections with multiple candidates to choose from for one position, but we go through the process regardless and we have had an actual election or two in the past.  Think about who we want to have in these important leadership positions.  The three positions up for election this year are President, Secretary and Events Coordinator.  Jon Martin (president) and Frank Struwe (secretary) are both eligible for another 2-year term.  Al Wallace (events coordinator) has served the maximum two terms and will need to be replaced.  All our current officers can be found on the Officers page and if you want to read about our various internal processes, including duties of officers and elections, visit the Bylaws page.

Last but certainly not least, send your good vibes to longtime member Tom Evans, who had a heart attack earlier this month and is on the mend.  We look forward to seeing you back out soon, Tom!

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Site Maintenance 6/12/17

The MIJC site, specifically the forum, will be undergoing maintenance this afternoon (Monday 6/12/17) in order to update it.  The forum will be sporadically down during that time.  I will update this post when the process is complete.

Edit: The forum software is now updated.  I find the new look to be cleaner and more modern, although the difference is subtle.  If something is now broken for you, or you can’t figure out how to do something that used to be easy in the old version, let me know.  Otherwise, I encourage you to explore and learn.

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