July Cruise-in

Lou's Drive InOur summer cruise-in’s continue this Saturday, July 11th at Lou’s Drive-In in Peoria at 6pm.  Join us for food, a short meeting, and aimless driving around in search of ice cream.

Other events coming up… The Cliffs on July 18th (watch the forum for participation information), then our next meeting at the Dream Hut in Bartonville on August 1st.

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Upcoming Trips

MIJC_07-04-13_West_Peoria_Parade_Jeff_Fitch_003The club trip to Redbird State Recreation Area is coming up this weekend, June 20th.  Plans are being made for it in the forum.  On the July 4th holiday weekend, we’ve got the West Peoria 4th of July Parade and also our annual run down to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch.  Duke’s is actually private property owned by one of our members, so for obvious reasons we don’t publish the location.  But if you’re a club member and want to go, post up and we’ll send you directions.

And speaking of photos (wait, weren’t we?), I NEED THEM.  I only have a few events published so far.  I know there were at least a few cameras clicking on the Big Trip… don’t make me hunt you down.

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Tremont Turkey Festival Parade

MIJC_06-10-12_Tremont_Turkey_Jeff_Fitch_028The parade is this Sunday at 4pm.  You need to be there to line up no later than 3:30.  Our line up position has not been determined yet, but keep an eye on the forum and someone will post the location.  Or you can stop by parade headquarters and ask where the Mid-Illini Jeepers are supposed to be.  It’s always somewhere in the side streets south of route 9 near the township building.

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Cruise-in this weekend

MIJC_6-01-13_Sonic_Jeff_Fitch_001Join us for a cruise-in to Sonic in East Peoria Sonic in Pekin this Saturday, June 6th at 6pm.  Get some grub, hobnob with the club, and then eat some ice cream.

Sorry… couldn’t think of anything ice-cream related that would rhyme with “club”.

Edit: Sonic in East Peoria is apparently permanently closed.  This event has been moved to Sonic in Pekin.

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Photos online

MIJC_04-04-2015_Flat_Nasty_Daren_Cordell_328The first photo batch from 2015 is now online, starting with Inspection pics from Daren Cordell and Dan Barding along with hundreds of photos from Flat Nasty, courtesy of Daren Cordell and Matt Brown.  Re-live your adventure or live vicariously through your club-mates… your choice.

Edit: Added photos from Will Watson.  Thanks Will!

Do you have photos to share from an MIJC event?  Don’t make me beg at the end of the year when we’re putting the video together… get them to me now so everyone can enjoy them on the website.  Contact me and we’ll figure out the best way to make the transfer.

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April Events

DSC01704Coming up later this month is a club trip to The Cliffs Insane Terrain near Marseilles, Illinois on Saturday, April 25th.  Watch the forum for details.  May 2nd is our first cruise-in of the year at Our Inn Place in Pekin.  As you can see, Frank can barely contain his excitement.

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Meeting coming up

MIJC_04-19-14_Flat_Nasty_Daren_Cordell_054While a good chunk of our members head off to Flat Nasty this weekend, the rest of us can stare at that inspection report from March and wonder what went so horribly wrong over the winter with our Jeeps.  Look on the bright side though, as you can look forward to another eventful MIJC meeting on Saturday, April 11th at Avanti’s in Pekin at noon.  If you’re new to the club or thinking about joining, this is a great time to meet some of the club members.

Cruise-in’s start back up in May, so finish up your repairs and get that heap back on the road!

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