MIJC.org going away

As per the will of the members, mijc.org will cease to be when our domain registration runs out in June of 2024.  That includes both the main website and the forum.  The Mid-Illini Jeepers will become a more loosely associated club and will conduct all future communication and event planning on Facebook on our group.  If you haven’t already joined that group, do so at your leisure.  If you’re not a Facebook user, unfortunately the only way to see and post in the group is to become one.  If you follow the group link above, there is a button to sign up for a new account.  Facebook accounts are free.

So what happens to all the stuff here on the website?  I have offline copies of every photo and video ever posted, so the site is not just gone forever.  However, I don’t see it ever coming back.  If there are photos you are dying to have, I would suggest saving them from the site while it’s still up.  I may try to post the videos on Youtube, but the music will create copyright issues.  Maybe take a look around one last time before it’s gone.

Why are we doing this?  The website is the club’s only real expense, and by eliminating it, we can avoid having to collect dues.  We haven’t collected dues since the pandemic and there are no plans to in the future.  If you want to know more, strike up a conversation in the Facebook group.

Proposed bylaw changes

Just like the real lawmakers in DC have to do, occasionally we have to modify our bylaws to better match actual practices and allow ourselves some flexibility.  Please review the proposed changes regarding leadership and future bylaw changes in the forum.  If you have feedback, please post it there to get a discussion going.  These changes will be voted on in a future meeting.