Schedule available and calendar updated

By popular complaint, the schedule page has now been updated to include all official MIJC events for 2016.  Please note that when you are looking at the calendar, each row starts with Monday (Saturday and Sunday are grouped at the end).  You can also download a PDF of the calendar from that page for easy posting on your fridge or the inside of your Jeep’s windshield.  As with any club activity, please check the forum before making travel plans for any MIJC trip.  Hope to see everyone at some club events this year!


MIJC Banquet – January 23

MIJC_01-11-14_Annual_Banquet_Jeff_Fitch_003The deadline for banquet reservations has been extended to this Saturday, January 9th.  The cost is $5 per adult and child 10 and over.  Families are welcome.  The banquet is open to any member who joined during or before calendar year 2015.  The club takes care of the main course and sodas; there is a cash bar if you would like adult libations.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  Reservation money can go to Jill; you should have gotten an email reminder from her today if you’re a slacker like me.

The banquet will be held on Saturday, January 23rd at 6pm at the American Legion in Pekin.

Edit: The club does not pay for sodas.  I was thinking of another event.  Soda is available at the bar.

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December Meeting

The only event for December is our monthly meeting on December 5th at noon, held at our usual winter meeting spot, Avanti’s in Pekin.  Continuing our annual tradition, the club will be buying a pizza lunch for all in attendance since we will be voting in our new officers.  Since there is only one person nominated for each position, it’s more of an approval, but it’s still an important part of installing leadership in our club.  Jon Martin is the presidential nominee, Al Wallace will continue as the Events Coordinator and Frank Struwe will continue as Secretary.  Replacing Jon as Treasurer will be Jill Martin, who will serve out the remainder of Jon’s term for 2016, after which she will be eligible for re-election.  The club extends its thanks to those willing to serve in these important positions.

The December meeting is also where you can renew your club membership.  Bring cash or a check and we’ll have membership forms for you.  The membership fee is $30 for the year.  If you don’t renew at the meeting, you need to do it at the banquet in January or otherwise by January 31st so that you do not incur the $10 penalty, as laid out in our bylaws.  Why do we do this?  If we didn’t, we’d have stragglers who would forget to pay until mid-year, then they’d want to pro-rate a partial membership since they didn’t “join” until later; this is something we only offer to new members.  Having club members to renew at the start of the year keeps our books straight and is fair to the other members.  So just bring $30 with you to the December meeting and be done with it!

We will also be discussing the annual banquet.  There will be a cost of $5 per person (adults and kids 10 and over).  As always, there will be raffles and giveaways at the banquet so you’ll probably get most of that back unless you’re bringing a lot of family with you.  This deposit can also be paid at the December meeting.

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November Events

Our November meeting will be at our usual winter spot, Avanti’s in Pekin on Saturday, November 7th at noon.  As per our bylaws, this is the meeting where nominations for officers takes place.  Nominations will be closed at the end of the meeting.  Elections are held at the December meeting.  The positions available are President, Secretary, and Events Coordinator.  The duties of these offices can be found in the bylaws.  All three members currently holding these positions are eligible for another 2-year term.

The weekend after that (November 14th) is our annual late-year excursion to The Badlands.  If you’ve never gone there in November, it’s actually kinda nice.  The park is not very crowded and although it can sometimes be chilly, at least it’s not 90 degrees in the shade.

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New photos online

MIJC_05-18-2015_Harlan_John_Geiselman_008Got a few more photos… some added to Inspections back in March, and new pages created for The Big Trip (Harlan, Kentucky) in May and Duke’s July 4th outing.  All courtesy of Larry Wilson and John Geiselman.  Thanks for your contributions!

It’s great to get some more event photos (John’s were admittedly waiting in the wings for a few months), but limited photos from only four of our outings (one of which is the relatively dull inspection event) is not enough to do a video for the annual banquet.  Short of a miracle in the next month where hundreds of photos and videos are submitted to the video crew, there simply won’t be one this year.

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October Events

Saturday, October 3rd, we go back to our winter meeting time and place: the Pekin Avanti’s at noon.  Join us in the back room for a bite and a quick meeting.  On October 10th we have a trip scheduled to Potowatomi in Fulton, MO.  It’s too far for a day trip, so plan on making a weekend of it if you want to go.  Keep an eye on the forum for details.

Our annual trip to Duke Winch’s place on 10/24 has been cancelled for this year, as Steve has a 6-month work trip to sunny Curaçao.  Not sure where that is?  Yeah, me neither… I had to look it up.  Turns out it’s just off the northern coast of Venezuela.  Or it’s just down the street at your local liquor store.  Whichever one it is, I’m sure Steve will be as pleased as (spiked) punch.  We’ll be thinking of you when there’s a foot of snow on the ground here, buddy.

As the year begins to wind down to an end, the time has come for me to make more urgent pleas for photos and video so that we have something to put together for the annual dinner.  What you see on the 2015 Photos page is more or less all I have.  I don’t want to overstate it, but if that’s all we get, there ain’t gonna be a video this year.  Last year, some planned extra photography at the October Duke Winch event got us another song for the video, and that event has been cancelled this year.  Please contact me and let me know what you’ve got, so we can make arrangements to get your media from you.

Lastly, the calendar on the Schedule page was apparently broken, displaying a mess of text of which very little sense could be made.  I think it broke during the last site update a couple weeks ago.  It’s now fixed.

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September Events

MIJC_09-08-12_Arkansas_Sally_Evans_038Coming up in September is a trip to Wheelin’ World in Eureka Springs, AR on September 5th (a.k.a. Labor Day Weekend).  Plans for that trip are being discussed in the forum.  Post up if you’re going!

As a result of the holiday weekend and the trip, our normal monthly meeting/cruise gets pushed back a week to September 12th.  Our final cruise-in will be to Cranwill’s in Pekin at 6pm.  Join us for some outside Jeep time before we are relegated to the back room at Avanti’s for the winter.

Lastly, on September 19th we’re headed to one of our favorite regular spots, The Badlands.  It will almost certainly be a Saturday day trip, although anything’s possible.  Remember when we used to stay overnight and camp at Summer’s campground every time?  That’s where we came up with the idea for KLAP (all-handclap radio).

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