New photos posted!

MIJC_05-31-14_Moab_Shannon_Duling_044Wow, complain loud enough and you folks eventually come through.  Lots and lots of new pictures are now online from events across the whole year, starting with Inspections and continuing on through The Badlands (March), Moab, Redbird, Duke’s July and October, and the Hog Eat.  Thanks to Shannon Duling, Mike Peters, Frank Struwe, Will Watson, Bob Lamb and Larry Wilson for the pics.

If you still have some, it’s not too late.  Please bring a flash drive or CD to the December meeting and give it to one of the video producers (Jon, Daren, Frank or myself) or to an officer.  The December meeting will be your last chance to submit them so please don’t forget!  Brian Montgomery, I’m looking in your direction…

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