Also in October…

We’ve got our weenie roast meeting on October 1st, but also a few other events coming up as well.  The weekend of October 8th the club is headed to Potowatomi in Fulton, Missouri.  The club has been going to this park for years and it’s always a good time.  Our annual outing to Duke Winch’s Offroad Park (Steve Vohs‘ house) on October 29th is suddenly hanging in the balance due to Steve’s work commitments, so keep an eye on the forum to see if we are still doing it as we get closer.  Steve, I thought you retired a long time ago!

Looking ahead, our regular meeting for November is on November 5th at noon at our usual spot, Avanti’s in Pekin, and our final scheduled wheeling event for 2016 will be The Badlands on Saturday, November 12th.  What’s fun about The Badlands in November, you say?  Well, it’s not very crowded, so there are fewer ATV’s and bikes buzzing around.  It’s also not hot, or what some of us call a FAT (Frank-Approved Temperature).  It’s no fun if it rains, so let’s hope for a crisp, autumn day.  Watch the forum for travel plans.

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