Jeep value

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Jeep value

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Trying to determine a good price on a Jeep.
2006 Rubicon
1. Low mileage vs high miles - if it has 40,000 miles
VS 90,000 how much does that add to value?
2. If it only has a soft top VS has both soft top and hardtop with matching doors, what does
Two tops Add?
3. Automatic VS manual, price diff?
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Re: Jeep value

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Is this a vehicle that you are looking to buy or sell? If you are looking to sell, I can come and take a look at it and maybe get you a better number. I don't know off the top of my head what a good price would be for that vehicle to buy. I would have to see it, note the options, then start research. I did go to Kelly blue book ( and found that somewhere between $12,000 and $18,000 would be the range for that vehicle (based on a private party sale in "good" condition) . The lower end would be for the higher mileage vehicle. The variation in price for auto/manual was about adding $500 for the auto. The hardtop vs soft was also about $500 addition for the hardtop.

Jon Martin might have some additional input. He seems to have a lot of connections in buying/selling jeep related items.

I hope this helps.


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Re: Jeep value

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I think all the standard Jeep stuff applies too... has it been wheeled (lower price if it has, higher if it's fairly pristine), if lifted, was it done correctly, etc. For tops, I'd look at what kind of shape the soft top is in, if there is one. At that age, if it's original and well-used, the windows might be yellowed or there might be some fabric or zipper issues. I'd also look at any rust issues underneath, like the frame, body mounts, and hard brake lines/fuel lines.

Also, I would call both 40k and 90k miles "low mileage" on a 13-year-old TJ. Average for a daily driver is 12k per year, so it should have 150k+ unless it has done a lot of sitting, hopefully in someone's garage. If it's a manual that wasn't wheeled, a 40k or 90k mile TJ should have plenty of time left on the clutch.
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