Duke’s next weekend

I’ve got several miscellaneous announcements here, so let’s get started:

  • Duke’s Off-Road Ranch is coming up next weekend, the 17th.  Come for the weekend or just a day trip on Saturday or Sunday.  Tent and camper accommodations available or crash inside on the floor (space is limited!).  Check the forum for more information.  If you need directions to Steve’s, contact Sally or myself.  Or Steve, for that matter.  I’m sure he knows how to get to his own house.
  • As per the vote in our meeting this evening, we are switching two events: Washita is now on Labor Day weekend, September 5th.  Duke’s Off-Road Ranch has been moved to August 15th.  The schedule page has been updated.
  • I have received a bunch of photos from the Harlan County trip and will be posting them soon.  Check back later and see if I’ve gotten off my butt and done them.

I would still like to get back to posting about some good projects people are working on.  I know you guys are holding out on me.  Got something to share with the group?  Let me know and we’ll get you some face time on the home page.