Meeting next weekend

F-Bomb at SonicOur next meeting is Saturday, July 11th at Sonic in Pekin.  Join Frank “F-Bomb” Struwe and the rest of The MIJC Gang for a greasy burger, an always-interesting tour of The Back Alleys Of Pekin led by Pekin native Jill Stearnes, and ice cream at a local establishment to fill any gaps possibly left in your stomach.

Correction: Frank and Jill did not make it to the meeting.  Hope to see everyone at the next one at Didley’s Car Hop in Metamora.

There are currently no other July outings scheduled, so if you’re itching to go wheeling, post up and put a group together!

CORRECTION: We now have a tentative weekend at Duke’s Off-Road Ranch and Dana 30 Museum later this month.  Wanna go?  Check the details.

Oh, and happy 4th of July…