New Officers

washington-dc-white-house-sWe had a great turnout at the monthly meeting, and the pizza was delicious.  It was good to see some of our long-distance members make the trip up… John Bruder, Matt Brown, and Randy Meredith, to name a few.

Congratulations to our new officers: Tom Evans has re-upped for another term as Secretary, Frank Struwe is our new Events Coordinator, and yours truly is your new President.  If there’s anything we can do to make your flight more comfortable, let us know.  Sally Evans has done a fantastic job as President for the past 4 years, and you should thank her the next time you see her.  If I can be half that good, I’ll consider my term in office a success.

I’ll have the  schedule for 2010 up soon, but no events are currently scheduled until the annual dinner in January.  If you’re jonesing for a weekend trip, post up on the forum!