Photo time

67417-label-cdWith most of the MIJC events behind us, it’s time to start gathering up materials for the annual video.  A lot of you have been sending me your photos as we go, which is great.  If you’re not one of those people, I need your stuff, both photos and video!  Please contact me and we’ll make arrangements.  I can get it from you at a meeting, or I’ll travel to you for pickup.  If you’re not sure how to burn a disc for me, let me know.  I’ll bring a laptop or flash drive and we’ll figure it out.  E-mailing is also an option.  You have to limit messages to 10MB apiece (about 5-6 full-size pictures) but you can send as many messages as you want.  My e-mail does not fill up.

It’s your images that make the video a success, so check your files and give me your stuff!