Reminder: Renew your membership

Jill will have membership forms to fill out at the meeting on Saturday so you can renew your membership for 2010.  Please remember that according to our bylaws, returning members must renew and pay for next year’s membership by the end of January to avoid the $10 penalty.  Membership fees for anyone renewing after January 31 are assessed at $40 instead of $30.  This deters members from forgetting to renew, going the whole year and attending all the events, then renewing at the end of the year instead.  So this is just the fair way to do it.

New members are of course welcome to join anytime.  Memberships are pro-rated for the remaining months in the current calendar year at the low cost of $2.50 per month.

The deposit for the annual dinner will be $15 per person (some of this will probably be refunded to you at the dinner; this is something we need to discuss at the meeting).  This will include a buffet meal  at Goodfellas and non-alcoholic drinks.  Jill will also have RSVP forms at the meeting; if possible, please know how many people you’re bringing and bring your deposits.  We need to have a good idea of how many people are coming so we can order enough food.

Any questions, contact me or one of the club officers.