2009 Production Log Entry 15: Editing and Sets

November 10, 2009 (4 hours)

More editing, more cutting Jon out from the background.  It’s tedious work.  I talked to Jon and we scheduled the property clerk shoot for this coming Sunday morning at Bradley.  Everyone’s a go for that day.  Now we just need to make sure Joe actually watches the movie… he’s never seen it!

November 10-11 (3 hours)

I spent some time over these two days recovering from a fairly extensive corruption on the hard drive where I was storing a lot of material for the video.  A bunch of files simply disappeared.  I was able to recover most of them though, and I’m pretty sure I only lost a few things.  Among what I lost: all the cutouts I was working on this week for Jon’s scene in front of the gate.  There will be some repeat work there.

November 12, 2009 (2 hours)

Today I built and painted the wall and countertop for the property clerk set after work this evening.  It’s pretty simplistic; I just cut down an existing stage flat that we had, screwed a piece of wood onto it for a counter and slopped some white paint on it.  It’ll be good enough for this scene.  The “wall” will be installed in the double doorway between the prop room and the loading dock in my building at work.  Cody Brutlag, one of the student workers in the TV area, helped with the construction.