2009 Production Log Entry 17: Elevator and 106 Miles

November 22, 2009 (1 hour)

Today I met Jon and Frank on campus to do the shot we kept forgetting to do every time we were at Bradley: the elevator scene.  No dialogue… just Jake and Elwood standing in the elevator looking impatient.  Jon forgot his Blues Brothers sunglasses in Morton so he was forced to wear my prescription sunglasses, which were reasonably close to the Blues Brothers’ style of glasses.  If you look very closely in the shot you can tell.

(2 hours)

Later, after it got dark , we pulled the Jeep out of the garage and shot the “106 miles to Chicago…” line.  It took 7 takes.  It was pretty funny watching Jon throw all his weight against the door to get it open every time.  The lighting took awhile to set up but it turned out great.

(4 hours)

Spent a couple hours capturing and doing a bit more editing.  The plan for tomorrow is to shoot the tunnel scene after dark, in the drainage tunnel that goes under I-74 between Morton and Goodfield.