2009 Production Log Entry 20: Editing

Wednesday, December 23, 2009 (2.5 hours)

So far today I’ve got the music for the photo montages laid out.  I have a call in to my producer (Jon) about whether we’re going to replace Elwood’s monologue in “Everybody Needs Somebody” with a custom piece from Frank but I haven’t heard back from him yet.  I was able to piece together a loop of instrumental music to go behind Frank, if we choose to do it that way.  Otherwise we can use Elwood’s original piece from the movie.  We also need to decide if we want to keep Cab Calloway’s speech during “Can’t Turn You Loose” before the Blues Brothers take the stage.  We’ll probably delete it.

For all the music, I’ve now got the edits marked into the piece.  The way I do these is to simply tap my finger on a certain key on the keyboard as the music is playing to choose where I would potentially want a shot change to happen.  This puts marks down on the timeline which I can then fill in with actual video and photos, much like coloring between the lines in a coloring book.  It’s much easier and faster than trying to mark everything by hand one clip at a time.

Song length is a consideration, since we don’t want the overall piece to be too long.  I added a little to Chuck Berry’s “Walkin” since it’s so short and although I haven’t done anything yet, I will probably edit some material out of “Sweet Home Chicago”; the full song is almost 8 minutes.  I also started thinking about how I’ll do the credits to “Jailhouse Rock”.  I may do that first, since it’s fun working with the outtakes.  That’s the beauty of editing on a computer… if I want to start working on the end before the middle is done, I can do that.

My ears are hurting from wearing the headphones, so I’m going to take a break.