2009 Production Log Entry 29: Dinner Day

Saturday, January 16, 2010 (3 hours)

D-Day.  I got up and headed over to campus to make the copies to distribute to the club members.  We have a duplicator at work that can run 8 at a time, but it still took longer than I thought.  A disc that’s completely full takes just over 10 minutes to do a set of copies, so it took a few hours to get them all done.

A bunch of you know that I do some freelance work aside from my “real job” televising basketball games for several regional cable channels.  I actually had to turn down three different games for today, knowing there’s no way I’d have time to do even a day game.  But while I was making the DVD copies, I got an emergency phone call from the guy taking my place at the Civic Center… he was working an unfamiliar TV truck which, to complicate matters, was late arriving at the arena, and he was having trouble getting set up for the broadcast.  So I spent a few hours helping with that, then finished the copies and headed home with just enough time to get ready and head over to Goodfellas.  It was tighter than I would have liked, but I couldn’t just leave those guys high and dry.

As I always do, I sat in the back of the room so I could watch everyone’s reactions… everyone laughed where they were supposed to, and gasped where they were supposed to.  At the end, Jon and Frank were a little late with their cue to come in and Frank couldn’t get the briefcase open at first, but we still got a big round of applause.

Another successful year.  Now for next year…