2009 Production Log Entry 9: Yet More Painting

September 27, 2009 (4 hours)

Today I completed the work on the CJ Bluesmobile, adding a teardrop spotlight to the windshield frame on the driver’s side as well as more faded decals to the hard top below the side window.  The spotlight is wired up and it actually works, but it’s a little fragile.  It’ll be fine for a prop.

The faded “TO SERVE AND PROTECT” decals were pretty easy to do.  Basically I used the same process as the stars: print out and cut out a stencil, mount it to the hard top, shoot it white, and scuff it with steel wool.  I added the technique of using a piece of cardboard to keep paint off parts of the letters entirely, so they would be cut off or missing.  This worked well.  With the textured surface on the hard top, the scuffing also worked very well to make a convincing aged-looking decal.