Flat Nasty April 1-4

The weather has taken a nasty turn for this weekend, but it offers some good garage opportunities for preparations before the wheeling season is in full swing.  Jill and Jon, I’m looking in your direction!

The club trip to Flat Nasty in Salem, Missouri is coming up on Easter weekend, the first weekend in April.  Some are leaving as early as Thursday, April 1st; others are leaving on Friday or only going for portions of the weekend.  You can check this forum post or this one for more information and to see who you might want to caravan with.  Sally does have the usual trailers reserved for accommodations.  If you’re interested, please contact her to see if there is still room.  I can’t go on this one, but take lots of pictures for me!

Our usual club meeting, normally the first Saturday of every month, is pushed back to April 10th.  This will be our last meeting at Goodfellas and will be at 12:00.  After that, we’re cruising in the nice weather to a hot dog or ice cream stand near you!  Tentative locations are already on the schedule for the summer, but always check back here or on the forum for last-minute changes.