Happy Halloween

OK, I guess there’s only a couple hours of Halloween left.  But hopefully your holiday was a good one.

Our monthly meeting is this coming Saturday at Goodfellas Pub & Pizza in Pekin at noon.  It’s an important one… we’ll be nominating people for the three officer positions up for election: Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety Coordinator.  All three officers currently in these positions are eligible for a second term, so it might be a short meeting.  But if you’re interested in serving the club, get someone to nominate you!  Elections will be held at our December 4th meeting and food will be provided for those who attend.  I hope to see everyone turn out for the democratic process.

While I have the floor, I’ll also mention that the last scheduled trip of the year to Interlake Offroad Park in Spurgeon, Indiana is currently being planned in the forum.  If you’re interested, post up.