Inspections Saturday 3/6/2010

Inspections will be held at the Stearnes’ house this coming Saturday, March 6th at 12:00.  Food and drinks will be provided by the club.  For any newbies out there who have not done it before, this isn’t a pass-fail thing (as much as we like to poke fun that it is).  It’s just a chance to have someone else take a look at your ride and perhaps catch a problem that you might have missed, as well as checking to make sure you’ve got all the safety equipment we recommend for trail rides.  The checklist we use can be downloaded from the Info page.

NEW INFO: Since it’s going to be relatively warm, Jill’s thinking we’ll line up in the driveway and bring the Jeeps in through the old barn and into the new barn.  If you need to unload your Jeep from a trailer, continue past Jill’s driveway around to the softball diamond parking lot and unload there, then drive your Jeep back to the house.  Click here for a Google maps link if you don’t know how to get there.  See you Saturday!