Member pages updated

All the member pages are now updated.  If you’re not on there anymore, it means you didn’t renew for this year!  Contact Jill or any officer to make arrangements.  Otherwise, find your page and take a look.  If possible, I’d like to get photos in the rest of the member pages in the coming months.  If the box to the left of your Jeep specs is empty, visit our photo archive and send a link to one you like, or send me one of your own.  You can also send me any missing specs or information about your Jeep.  Take a look at Jon’s page or Matt’s page to see what a fairly complete page should look like.

No other events are scheduled for the month, so keep the heat on in the garage and get ready for inspections on March 6th at Jill’s house.  For a list of what we’re inspecting for, there’s a pdf download on the Info page.  And of course, keep tuning in right here every Sunday night for more entries in the 2009 MIJC video production log!