New (old) Photos Online!

With the extra storage space we voted to purchase for the website earlier this year, I’ve started uploading older club event photos.  Pictures from 2004 are now online.  See the very first trip to Duke’s when many of today’s trails were first cut!  Or take a look at what Rockport Off-Road Park used to look like.  Or Jon with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him.  Access the photos under 2004 in the “Photos” drop-down menu above.  All the new pages have the new slide show which you can watch full-screen if you like.  Note: I was not selective on which photos I posted, so they’re ALL there.  It may take you awhile to wade through the Fulton photos.  🙂

Also, I updated part of the “engine” that drives our website and a few things got moved around.  You may notice some subtle visual changes.  If you see something missing or broken, please let me know.  The most noticeable thing I did was to move the “Contact Us” page to reside under the “Info” tab to reduce the number of drop-down tabs at the top.

Edit: At a few machines I’ve viewed the site on, I had to force-refresh it to get it to display correctly.  Even quitting and relaunching the browser didn’t help.  So hit the refresh button on your browser of choice if things look funky.