Share with Facebook or Twitter!

I’ve added a new feature: instant sharing of articles and pages posted on to your Facebook or Twitter account.  At the bottom of any page, you’ll see the two icons pictured here.  Clicking on the Facebook icon will allow you to post a link to that page on your Facebook profile (with a comment, if you choose).  Ditto for the Twitter icon.  The Twitter one even shortens the web address automatically, as you are only allowed 140 characters for a “tweet”.

Please note that the icons are not present on the home page, which is probably what you’re looking at right now.  In order to share an article, you have to display the article by itself.  For announcements like this one, just click on the title of the announcement above the article and you’ll be taken to a “permalink” page for that announcement, where the icons will be present at the bottom.

In addition to the announcements, the icons are also present for more permanent pages like member pages, photo pages or the schedule so you can share anything you like with your Facebook or Twitter friends.

I picked Facebook and Twitter as the most common, but if there is another social networking site you use regularly and you’d like an icon added for it, drop me a line and I’d be happy to oblige.

<nerd out>