Hog Eat Photos

The MIJC Annual Hog Eat was a big success.  If you haven’t already, express your gratitude to The Stearnes for hosting it at their house again this year.  The rain held off and a few members were able to get pretty muddy down in the creek.  Photos are online here.  I saw others snapping pics so please send them my way so I can post them online as well as make them part of the annual video.

EDIT: Jeff Fitch‘s photos are now online as well on the same page.  Jeff took some great portrait shots of a bunch of the Jeeps that were there.  This would make a great addition to your member page, especially if you don’t have a photo on there yet.  If you want to add or change your photo, drop me a line.

Our next scheduled event is the Hanna City Heritage Days Parade in Hanna City.  Like last year, line up at the Hanna City United Methodist Church at 9am this Saturday, August 27th.  Bring lots of candy to throw!