Lots o’ photos online

Photos from the club’s recent trips to Washita and The Badlands are now online, courtesy of Will Watson, Andy Gennette and myself.  Check out Bill Gangloff rockin’ out on his Radio Shack speaker to Blondie and The Eagles!  A big shout-out to a few potential members who joined us at The Badlands in a couple of stock Rubicons and did quite well… Cecil and Brent & Lida.

EDIT: I just found some photos from Todd Watkins that I forgot to post.  They are from the club’s June trip to the Badlands.  They’re up now… Sorry Todd!

You may notice that the old embedded slideshow player is now gone; it kept breaking itself when I would update the code for our site, so I found a different slideshow display.  The new one operates more like the Facebook photo viewer does, if you’ve used that.  Simply pick a picture from the thumbnail gallery and click on it to get a nice big pop-up image viewer.  You can then click on the left or right side of the image to go to the next or previous photo.  Pretty slick.

While we’re on the topic of photos, you have until our next meeting, which is December 3rd at Goodfellas in Pekin at noon, to get me any pictures you have from MIJC trips this year.  You can bring your camera and I’ll take them directly off it, or a flash drive, or a CD/DVD, or whatever you’ve got.  Or you can contact me for upload instructions so you don’t even have to leave the house… it’s so easy!  Remember that it’s your photos and videos that help make the annual wrap-up video the success that it is.  Primary shooting for the video is nearly complete; I’ll need the trip materials to really dig into the editing.

As a reminder, at the December 3 meeting we’ll be holding elections for the three open officer positions.  It’s a rather uneventful election with just one candidate per position, but join us anyway for a free pizza lunch on the club.  Until then, have a great Thanksgiving.