Member Page Changes

I’m going to be updating member webpages over the next week or so.  If you have a new photo you’d like to use, changed or additional information about your Jeep, or additional vehicles to add, drop me a line.  You can either e-mail me a photo or if it’s one from one of the event albums on our site, just send me the link to it.  Look around at other memberspages and provide as much information as you can.

One thing I’d like to do as I’m making these updates is to finish linking the member pages to forum usernames.  Look at the top of your member page; if there isn’t a link to your forum username, it’s probably because I didn’t know what your forum username was when I did the rest of them last year.  Let me know and I’ll stick it on there for you.  Also, most of the member pages have a “Member since xxxx” at the top as well.  If yours is missing, or if the year is wrong, I can fix it.