MIJC.org now mobile-friendly!

If you’ve visited the MIJC site on an internet-enabled cellphone or other small-screen device, you know the frustration of trying to read articles and information designed for display on a much larger screen.  Well curse your phone no more… The site now auto-detects when a mobile device is accessing it and displays a much simpler version optimized for the small screen of a mobile device.  Of course, it doesn’t look quite as nice, and there is a bit of functionality missing.  But all the basics are there, and the articles are so much easier to read.  And if you want to go back to the regular version, scroll down to the bottom of the mini-version and click “Switch to our desktop site”.  This will load up the site the regular way.

I installed a similar auto-detector on our forum as well.  It displays articles in a much easier to read and easier to navigate format.  Again, if you don’t like it, you can scroll down and click the “Full version” link and it will load normally.  You still can’t upload a photo to the forum from a phone; that is much harder to implement and also requires different solutions for each type of phone.

If anyone has any problems, let me know.

3 thoughts on “MIJC.org now mobile-friendly!”

  1. I am experiencing that as well, Will. I think the page numbers shouldn’t even be on there, actually. When you go to a topic, all posts appear on the same scrollable page, even if they are normally broken up into multiple pages when viewed on a regular computer. So yeah, you’ll have to scroll down.

    However, I did notice that there is a “New post” button next to any topic that has something you haven’t read. Clicking that will indeed jump down to the first unread post. You do have to be signed into the forum under your account for that to work; otherwise it wouldn’t know what you have or haven’t read.

    It also appears that on the main site, you only get offered the mobile version if you type in “mijc.org” without the www in the address bar. We’ll call this a work-in-progress. 🙂

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