Swap Meet Photos Up

Well, I’m not gonna lie to you.  As a get-together-eat-something-and-socialize event, the MIJC Swap Meet was definitely a great success.  As a swap meet… meh, not so much.  A few people brought stuff to get rid of, but as usual, Bill Gangloff was the only one buying.  But we did have some great food thanks to Carrie Lennie’s grilling skills and some cupcakes (pictured) from Dan and Betty Barding.  Photos from the event, also from Dan and Betty and a few from Todd Watkins, are now online.  A big shout-out to Mike Chambliss and his family for opening up their home to us for this event, especially since he got called in to work at the last minute and couldn’t be there for most of it.  Glad you were able to stop by for a bit and grab a burger with us, Mike.

Dan also uploaded a few additional photos from the Hog Eat too, viewable here.  If you have photos to share, now is the time to get them to me.  Production of the video will soon be in full swing and I need everything I can get.  Please contact me and we’ll arrange an exchange, electronically or in person.

Highlights from the meeting (read the full minutes here)… the date of the Washita trip has been officially changed to the weekend of November 5th due to both Duke’s outing cancellation and popular demand.  If you want to go, join in the conversation on the forum.  Keep in mind that despite the trip, our regular monthly meeting will still be held on Saturday the 5th at Goodfellas Pub & Pizza at noon, and at that meeting we will be accepting nominations for President, Secretary and Events Coordinator.  For any newbies, Goodfellas is our regular winter meeting location; we are usually in the back room to the left but sometimes are in the one on the right.

There are no other outings scheduled in October, so if you want to go somewhere, post up and put a trip together.

Thanks for tuning in to MIJC.  We now conclude our broadcast day.