2011 Production Log Entry 11: Fabrication

5-22-11 – 5 hours

Got a bunch of little things done today.  In keeping with the theme of making it quick and easy to “dress” the Jeep in its time machine costume, I fabbed up a mount for the time circuit control panels that sits in the cup holders in the center console.  I also made a mount for the flux capacitor out of PVC pipe (painted black) which will mount using (you guessed it) exhaust clamps.  Is there anything exhaust clamps can’t do?

I procured a bunch of old fire alarm equipment from a buddy at work.  Bradley upgraded their system to one that can actually be used for verbal announcements in addition to the siren-type noise of a fire alarm… like a campus-wide PA system, basically.  The result is that they have tons of perfectly good, used strobes and alarms that are designed to run on 24V but run great on 12V too.  These will make for a great effect around the reactor area at the moment of time travel.