2011 Production Log Entry 2: Ordering Parts

4-15-11 (2 hours)

Spent a couple hours today researching and ordering materials for the movie online.  Among the items: parts for a flux capacitor, Tyvek hazmat suits for Marty and Doc, and some rope LED’s for the Jeep time machine conversion.  When Carrie and I were in Gatlinburg, Tennessee last summer we visited a Cars of the Stars museum and I took quite a few pictures of a genuine Back To The Future DeLorean, so I got those out to see what I would need to do a reasonably convincing look.  See my photos below… I was limited to staying behind the ropes and the car was essentially sitting in a bay window, so the photos are not the best.My plan is to bend up some electrical conduit to follow the rear cage hoop and down the sides of the Jeep, cover it with metal mesh and put rope light behind it.  I also have some plans to mock up some giant capacitors out of PVC pipe.  The hardest part will probably be making the large vents for the back.

I’m thinking the new seat belt attachment point in the rear will make it easy to bolt a lot of this stuff on using exhaust clamps.  The idea would be to be able to fairly easily remove the “conversion” so that I can still have use of the Jeep throughout the wheeling season.