2011 Production Log Entry 8: Securing Locations

5-3-11 (1 hour)

Today I contacted my friend who works at the East Peoria ICC campus to see about shooting the mall scenes in their enormous parking lot after hours on a weekend.  He offered to “supervise” the shoot as an ICC employee, but thought it would be better to get official permission from their security chief.  So I crafted a carefully worded email and sent it to the guy.  I actually debated between doing a phone call or an e-mail.  I ended up choosing e-mail so that he would be able to forward the information to other people if necessary and it would be in my words, not his.  I suggested that we meet in person or a phone call to discuss it further.

I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’ll follow up with a phone call next week if I still haven’t heard from him.  If it falls through, we may need to ask the club to see if anyone has access to a large parking lot through their work or something.