Annual Banquet = Success

Thank you to all who make the annual banquet the success that it continues to be, in particular this year Jan Brown, who cooked the main course for us.  Everyone loved the video, and we really enjoyed making it for you.  Remember that every membership gets a free copy of the DVD, so if you were not able to make it to the dinner, just ask Jill for a disc at the next regular meeting.  If you’re one of our non-Peoria-area members and you need one sent out to you, please let me know and I’d be happy to drop it in the mail.  Include the address you’d like it sent to.

Also congratulations to Golden Shaft winner Bill Gangloff, who had a myriad of different problems with many different Jeeps on the trail this past year.

Additional copies of the annual video are $5, payable to the club.  If you’re new to the club and this is the first video you’ve seen, you can also get the whole collection going back to 2003.  Jill is also putting together a T-shirt/sweatshirt order in the next month or so, if you’re interested in anything else that she does not already have in stock.  The deadline for getting that order in is our February meeting on 2/4/12.  There will be a new Back To The Future-themed MIJC tour shirt this year.  Read more in the minutes, posted in the forum.

Photos are now up from the banquet as well as Jill and Jon‘s pre-party, courtesy of myself and Will Watson.  If you’ve got some too, let me know or (if you know how) upload them to the FTP site.

Lastly, I’ll soon be starting weekly posts of the Production Log from this year’s video.  There are a ton of great stories behind the making of the video… some entertaining, some technical, with lots of pictures too.  I hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.  If you ever want to catch up with older entries (or read the Blues Brothers Production Log) you can use the “View By Category” links on the upper right of any page on the site.  That will take you to a list with the newest post at the top, so to start at the beginning you’ll want to go to the last page.

Our next meeting is Saturday, February 4th at noon at our usual winter meeting spot, Goodfellas Pub & Pizza.  MIJC Veep Todd Watkins will run the meeting.