Meeting Saturday 11/3 plus photos!

Join us for an important meeting this Saturday, November 3rd at Goodfellas Pub & Pizza.  Nominations will be open (then closed) for the exec board positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Safety Director.  If you are going to nominate someone, please make sure you have discussed it with the nominee first.  Duties of these positions can be found in our bylaws.  Elections will be held in December.

Also, there are LOTS of new photos online.  Check out last weekend’s trip to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch (courtesy of Todd Watkins, Bill Gangloff, Will Watson and myself) plus a whole batch of photos I got from Bill from trips to Moab, Washita, the Badlands, and our July outing to Duke’s.  Broken record time: If you have photos or videos from any MIJC trip, the meeting would be a good time to bring them.  You can bring a disc, a flash drive, a laptop, even the camera itself.  I’ll copy them while-u-wait.  If you can’t make the meeting, please contact me and you can either upload them to our site or we can connect in person.

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