Inspections – March 2nd

MIJC_03-03-12_Inspections_Jeff_Fitch_026Inspections are coming up this Saturday, March 2nd, at 12:30pm.  They will be held in the same place as last year, Uftring Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram in Pekin.  Their service department closes at noon, so come around 12:30 to give them a chance to get ready for us.  Line up at the service entrance.  This is a good chance to have someone else look your Jeep over and see if there are any major problems.  A lot of what we check are little things like lights and whether you have a spare, but we’ll also get underneath and take a look at the drivetrain too for leaks, loose parts and worn items.  Of course, it’s no guarantee that we’ll find EVERYTHING that’s wrong with your Jeep, but it’s a start.  You can download a copy of the inspection form ahead of time to see what we’re looking for.

The club is also providing lunch, and families are always welcome too.  This will also be our monthly meeting for March.  Come on out for a fun time.

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