The videos are back!

2009still01The videos are back online, with several improvements: first, I made them smaller without sacrificing too much quality, so they should load quicker than they used to.  Second, the player is not as bulky and is simpler to use, with no annoying logo in the corner.  Lastly, the player is also compatible with mobile devices, in particular iPhones, which do not support Flash applications (and could therefore not play the old video files).

So enjoy a trip down memory lane with the MIJC.  There’s plenty of making Tom and Matt look foolish to go around.  Incidentally, if you like what you see, the whole library is available on DVD from our merchandising diva, Jill Martin.  The DVD’s sport lots of extra features and extra wheeling clips that didn’t make the montages.

My personal favorite, both to make and to watch, is still The Blues Brothers.  Back To The Future is good too, but you can’t beat making those two idiots dress in black suits so they can uncomfortably hug each other in the middle of a busy road in Joliet.