Average ordinary meeting – Feb 1st

Nothing special here… just an everyday average normal MIJC meeting.  An excuse to get together and talk about all the trips we’re going to take or all the upgrades we’re going to do on our rigs when it gets warmer.  Oh, and of course eat something.  After all, we’re all skin and bones, right?

Our regular meetings are now at EP’s Timeout in East Peoria (editor’s note: Google seems to think that the restaurant is on the south side of the train tracks… it’s further down Washington).  Join us at 12pm on Saturday, February 1st.  Potential members welcome too!

One thought on “Average ordinary meeting – Feb 1st”

  1. I called EP’s today to remind them so they would be ready for us. I told them 20 to 30 members possible. Let’s make a liar out of me and pack the joint, they’ve got really good food. (Al)

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