July – August Events

Lou's Drive InComing up for the next month or so…

This Saturday, July 12th, is our monthly meeting & cruise-in.  This month we meet up at Lou’s Drive-In in Peoria at 6pm.  July 19th is the club’s outing to The Cliffs in Marseilles, Illinois.  Skip a week (you can find something to do on your own that weekend) and we’re back on August 2nd with our next cruise-in at the Dream Hut in Bartonville at 6pm.

Looking a bit further ahead, Saturday, August 16th is the annual Hog Eat, hosted by Jill Martin & family.  Time is TBA.  If you’ve never been, it’s a potluck kind of arrangement so start thinking about what you want to bring (the club provides meat and drinks).  There’s a pool, lots of activities and a bit of wheeling might break out in the creek.  Like all MIJC events, families are welcome.  Please RSVP on the forum or to Jill directly.

It goes without saying but I’ll say it anyway: if you want to arrange a trip of your own, call an audible on the forum and see who else wants to go.

One last thing while I have the floor: I need PHOTOS!  We’ve been on a few trips lately but I’ve not gotten much photographic proof.  Please upload them to our FTP site if you know how or if not, contact me and I’ll send you directions.  It’s super easy and can be done from any computer… no computer science degree required.