Photos Online

MIJC_01-11-14_Annual_Banquet_Larry_Wilson_011Enjoy some photos from last month’s Annual Banquet, showcasing Frank and Jon‘s video and a delicious meal.  Thanks Jeff Fitch and Larry Wilson for getting me your photos.

Got some to share?  It’s not hard to send them to me via FTP.  Let me know and I can send some directions.  Why do I always insist on doing it this way?  Grabbing photos off Facebook or other social media sites is cumbersome, takes forever for large amounts of photos, and the quality is not as good as your original images.  And size is important when we’re working on the video.  Alternatively, you can bring a disc or flash drive with you to a meeting.  Videos are welcome and encouraged too.  Thanks in advance!

A few announcements while I’m holding the microphone… we’ve got nothing scheduled in frigid February, but Inspections are coming up on Saturday, March 1st.  Tentatively the time is 12:30pm at Uftring Jeep in Pekin, but watch this page and/or the forum for confirmation closer to the date.  Lunch will be served and you can see if that bungee cord holding down your battery is Jon Martin-approved.  If you want to see what we’re looking for, download the form and you can pre-grade yourself in the garage.