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MIJC_03-22-14_Badlands_Dan_Barding_003Photos are now up from Inspections (thank you Jeff Fitch EDIT: and Larry Wilson) and our trip to the Badlands this past weekend (thanks Dan Barding).  If you have photos to share… you know the drill.  Or maybe you don’t… contact me and I’ll send instructions.  Uploading via FTP is super-easy and it’s the easiest way for us to get the best-quality photos from you for the website and the annual video.

BTW, Jeff takes a pretty good photo.  I’ll be adding some of the portraits he took at inspections to member pages.  If you see one there or anywhere on the site that you’d like to have on your member profile page, just let me know.  Or send one of your own.  All you folks with a grey silhouette of a Jeep on your member page… I’m looking at you!

We’ve got a busy few weeks coming up.  Our next scheduled event is to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch on April 5th (forum link), then our club meeting at EP’s Timeout on April 12th, followed by Flat Nasty on April 17th (forum link).  Get out and have some fun!

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