Website issues fixed

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 10.27.46 AMWell this is exciting, in a nerdly way.  The issues with the calendar display on the schedule page are now fixed, and I will soon have all the events for 2015 entered into it.  You can still download a PDF as well for easy printing and posting to the bulletin board, the fridge, or the dashboard of your Jeep.

The other thing that’s been somewhat broken for awhile is the pop-up image viewer for the photo pages.  The viewer worked from the home page but not from anywhere else.  I suspect these this issue was related to the calendar problem… it was a plug-in conflict.  It now works everywhere like it’s supposed to, and makes viewing our event photos a much less “clicky” experience.  Just load up one photo, then click the arrow at the right side of the picture to advance to the next.

If you find any bugs on the site or would like to see any new features, please drop me a line!

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