Cruise-in this weekend

MIJC_6-01-13_Sonic_Jeff_Fitch_001Join us for a cruise-in to Sonic in East Peoria Sonic in Pekin this Saturday, June 6th at 6pm.  Get some grub, hobnob with the club, and then eat some ice cream.

Sorry… couldn’t think of anything ice-cream related that would rhyme with “club”.

Edit: Sonic in East Peoria is apparently permanently closed.  This event has been moved to Sonic in Pekin.

5 thoughts on “Cruise-in this weekend”

  1. Cant go.I have a family event at the same time out at mom’s. Hmmm. I suppose if some Jeeps just “accidentally show up” and drive down in the woods that would be totally cool. 🙂

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