September Events

MIJC_09-08-12_Arkansas_Sally_Evans_038Coming up in September is a trip to Wheelin’ World in Eureka Springs, AR on September 5th (a.k.a. Labor Day Weekend).  Plans for that trip are being discussed in the forum.  Post up if you’re going!

As a result of the holiday weekend and the trip, our normal monthly meeting/cruise gets pushed back a week to September 12th.  Our final cruise-in will be to Cranwill’s in Pekin at 6pm.  Join us for some outside Jeep time before we are relegated to the back room at Avanti’s for the winter.

Lastly, on September 19th we’re headed to one of our favorite regular spots, The Badlands.  It will almost certainly be a Saturday day trip, although anything’s possible.  Remember when we used to stay overnight and camp at Summer’s campground every time?  That’s where we came up with the idea for KLAP (all-handclap radio).

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