Upcoming Trips

MIJC_07-04-13_West_Peoria_Parade_Jeff_Fitch_003The club trip to Redbird State Recreation Area is coming up this weekend, June 20th.  Plans are being made for it in the forum.  On the July 4th holiday weekend, we’ve got the West Peoria 4th of July Parade and also our annual run down to Duke’s Off-Road Ranch.  Duke’s is actually private property owned by one of our members, so for obvious reasons we don’t publish the location.  But if you’re a club member and want to go, post up and we’ll send you directions.

And speaking of photos (wait, weren’t we?), I NEED THEM.  I only have a few events published so far.  I know there were at least a few cameras clicking on the Big Trip… don’t make me hunt you down.