Flat Nasty coming up

MIJC_04-04-2015_Flat_Nasty_Matt_Brown_142The club’s annual Easter Weekend trip to Flat Nasty is coming up later this month, March 24-27.  Good Friday = an extra wheeling day.  There are mobile homes near the park that the group normally books for accommodations; if you are planning on going, you need to pipe up on the forum so we know how many to reserve (cost is spread among the participants).  Meals are also being planned.  Join the conversation and join the trip!

Also coming up is Steinjäger’s Jeep Blitz being held at their headquarters April 15-17 in nearby Bushnell, Illinois, about an hour west of Peoria.  This isn’t an official club event but several of our members are attending.  Pre-registration is encouraged.

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