Inspections March 5

MIJC_03-07-2015_Inspections_Daren_Cordell_004Inspections are coming up soon, Saturday March 5 at 12:30 at Uftring Jeep in North Pekin.  Line up at the service entrance and we’ll cram everyone’s Jeep inside.  Why do we do inspections?  Well, like most events, it’s an excuse to get together and eat (the club provides lunch).  But it’s also a good icebreaker after the winter dry spell, and a chance to show off any upgrades you’ve completed.  And of course, we’ll also take a look at safety and mechanical issues that may be present on your Jeep.  We are grateful to the folks at Uftring who let us invade their shop for an afternoon so we can have a dry, warm place to hold this event.

For an idea of what we’re looking at, visit the About Us page and download the inspection form.  This was revised by Jon last year to take a harder look at the realistic problems that lifted and regularly-wheeled Jeeps develop.  So if you haven’t been to inspections in a couple years or more, take a look before you go.