Inspections coming up… Saturday, March 4

Our annual inspections are the next club event on the schedule… Saturday, March 4 at around 12:30.  This event is hosted by the fine folks at Uftring Jeep in North Pekin, who allow us to squeeze all our Jeeps into their shop so we can put them under the microscope indoors and out of the weather.  Pull around to the shop entrance when you get there.  Their shop closes at 12, so don’t get there too early.  If you’ve never been to inspections before or just haven’t been there in a couple years, take a look at the inspection form to find out what we’re looking at.  It’s difficult to determine all mechanical issues present in a 10-minute look-over, but we do our best to examine common points of failure in Jeeps that are modified from stock and/or wheeled regularly.  We also check for safety equipment and to make sure that your lights all work.

The club provides lunch as well… yet another opportunity to eat a small portion of your annual membership fee.  Please post on the forum if you are coming so we can plan food accordingly.