New Photos! Wait, what???

As you might be able to tell, I’ve been working on the website and forum today.  It’s been mostly techy crap you guys don’t care about, but when I was poking around some of the darker corners of our web space, I found some neglected photos from waaaaaaaay back in 2017.  So put on your old pair of Google Glass(es) and visit a piece of ancient history, back when the iPhone X had just been released, people were lining up out the door to order their Tesla Model 3‘s, and the Nintendo Switch was what all the youngsters wanted under the Christmas tree.

It just goes to prove that I haven’t forgotten how to post pictures.  Got some photos from a new or old MIJC event?  Let me know and we’ll try to get them up here for everyone to see.  If you’ve been around the club long enough to have the FTP instructions I used to distribute, they should still work.