Membership Renewal & Annual Banquet

It’s that time of year to renew your MIJC membership.  For a paltry $30 you can continue to enjoy the benefits of being a member of the Mid-Illini Jeepers for 2020.  As per our bylaws, current (2019) members must renew by the end of January.  If you renew after January 31st, it costs an extra $10.  New members, which for this purpose is defined as anyone who was not a member during calendar year 2019, may join anytime in 2020 without penalty.  For a new member joining later in the year, your membership is pro-rated at $2.50 per month.

So why the $10 penalty for renewals?  It’s pretty easy to see how an unscrupulous returning member might try to take advantage of the pro-rated policy, which is only for new members.  Such attempts are exactly why this policy was implemented years ago.

You can renew in any of the following ways:

  • Print out a membership form and mail it to the address on the form.  Include a check for your dues.
  • Print out a membership form and bring it to the MIJC Banquet in January, along with your dues (cash or check).
  • Show up to the banquet empty-handed but flush with cash, fill out a form there, and submit it with your dues.

Why can’t you renew your membership online?  Filling out the form is the easy part; we could integrate that into our site without much trouble.  Processing payment is the problem.

Regarding the banquet… it will be held on Saturday, January 18th at 6pm at the Pekin VFW Hall, which is south of town.  Please note this is a different location than previous years.  Our usual spot was not available on the 18th.  Please RSVP to Jill Martin by January 11th.  There is a $5 per-adult cost, which you could include with your membership application.  The club provides the main course; please bring a dish to share.  The Martins are also generously hosting their usual pre-banquet party at their house at 4pm-ish, and all members are welcome.

The banquet is a celebration for members who joined anytime during or before 2019.  If you’re a new member looking to join, hold off until the next regular meeting, which is on Saturday, February 1st at 12pm.