November-December Events

Our next regular meeting is Saturday, November 7th at noon at Avanti’s in PekinEDIT: The November meeting has been cancelled.  As we do every November meeting, nominations for executive board positions will be opened (and closed).  The three board positions available this year are Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety Director.  Our Vice President is currently Larry Haas, who was elected by special election in 2017 to fill a vacancy, and he is therefore not eligible for re-election having served 1-1/2 terms.  Our Safety Director is Mike Peters, who was elected in 2016 and has served two terms.  He is also not eligible to be re-elected.  Fraser Yarker, elected in 2018, is our Treasurer and he is eligible to re-up for one more 2-year term, if he is willing to serve.

If you are interested in serving in one of these positions, have someone nominate you (or nominate yourself) at the November meeting.  The election will be held at our December 5th meeting, also held at noon at Avanti’s in Pekin.  All of this is laid out in our bylaws, and we don’t have much of a choice about the timing of it as we are required by our incorporation with the state to have our executive board in place by the start of the new year.  Even changing the bylaws takes multiple meetings.

Although the winter months are usually devoid of wheeling trips, our usual last-hurrah November trip to the Badlands will be on Saturday, November 14th.  November-trip-regular Justin Hartzell has already posted wondering aloud if anyone else wants to go.  Post in the forum if you’re interested.