2009 Production Log Entry 30: Final Statistics

And now, for some final tallies for time and space…

Media Stats

  • MIJC Elements folder (photos, some video clips): 7465 files, 135 folders, 91.9 GB
  • Total of 7 tapes shot for the open (7 hours of footage)
  • Total hours spent: 195.  If this was a full-time job, this is nearly 5 weeks of 8-hour days @ 5 days per week.
  • Man-hours spent: 397 (counting hours other people worked as well)

Avid Files (Avid is the editing software I use)

  • total # of media files (digitized audio and video clips, photos): 6287 (4678 video, 1609 audio)
  • total # of precomputes (rendered effects, titles, etc): 2169 (1298 video, 871 audio)
  • Total 273.64 GB of material

Watching the club enjoy the fruits of our hard work: priceless.

2009 Production Log Entry 29: Dinner Day

Saturday, January 16, 2010 (3 hours)

D-Day.  I got up and headed over to campus to make the copies to distribute to the club members.  We have a duplicator at work that can run 8 at a time, but it still took longer than I thought.  A disc that’s completely full takes just over 10 minutes to do a set of copies, so it took a few hours to get them all done. Continue reading “2009 Production Log Entry 29: Dinner Day”

2009 Production Log Entry 27: Review

January 12, 2010 (5 hours)

Tonight I reviewed all the separate segments looking for any problems and only found a few, which I fixed.  Jon will be over on Thursday to do a final review before I make the disc to play at the dinner, so in the meantime I started working on the extra features that will go onto the DVD.  Continue reading “2009 Production Log Entry 27: Review”

2009 Production Log Entry 26: Editing

Monday, January 11, 2010 (4 hours)

Jon came over to “supervise” more editing.  I finished adding video and photos to “Everybody” while he touched up some of the gate cutout photos on his laptop.  We re-imported that scene and although it still doesn’t look perfect, it does look better.  Chalk up another 90 minutes spent on that 5 seconds! Continue reading “2009 Production Log Entry 26: Editing”

2009 Production Log Entry 25: Editing

Friday, January 8, 2010 (3.5 hours)

I cut out a bunch of the gate frames sitting in a hotel room in Des Moines, then at another hotel later in the day in Omaha.  It’s grueling work.  Not fun.  I tried to get a friend of mine who was on the trip with me to help but he was not interested.  I got the to-cut list down to about 30 frames. Continue reading “2009 Production Log Entry 25: Editing”

2009 Production Log Entry 24: Editing

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 (4 hours)

I finished “Walkin’”, but realized that I had forgotten to import some footage Sally gave me.  It was still on a DVD.  It’s a 2-step process to get it from that into the editing software, so I started dubbing it over to a tape when I realized my mistake.  Once I get it imported I’ll see if I can replace any shots with the Evans’ footage.  Continue reading “2009 Production Log Entry 24: Editing”