2011 Production Log Entry 16: Scripting and logistics

9-30-11 – 3 hours

Finally got the script done.  It’s going to be challenging to shoot but hopefully not too bad.  I want to keep everything as organized as possible so we can be efficient during our shoots.  Tomorrow is the Swap Meet, then the production team is going to meet and discuss the final revision of the script and some shooting logistics.  We’re getting close! Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 16: Scripting and logistics”

2011 Production Log Entry 15: Photo Shoot

9-12-11 – 5 hours

Tonight was the photo shoot with professional photographer Scott Cavanah, and another friend from work (Cory Rabe) also came out to help as well.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but shooting photos in near-total darkness using flashlights and strobes is an experiment-as-you-go process. Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 15: Photo Shoot”

2011 Production Log Entry 14: Dress-up

9-11-11 – 3 hours

Tomorrow my buddy Scott Cavanah from Bradley University is coming over to shoot some high-quality portraits of the Jeep… I can’t wait to see what he has planned.  But today I needed to do the final assembly of all the components.  This is the first time everything has been installed together. Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 14: Dress-up”

2011 Production Log Entry 13: Fabrication

9-3-11 – 8 hours

What started out as good intentions to swap in the transmission from the Grand Wagoneer (so the Jeep will actually drive) turned into a general garage clean-up then a fabrication-fest for the video.  First, I found my box of old fire alert strobes and set about wiring them up together.  Carrie even came out and helped for awhile.  Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 13: Fabrication”

2011 Production Log Entry 12: Vent Work

8-21-11 – 4 hours

It’s been about 3 months since my last entry; my summer time was taken up with our wedding in June and some projects at work that have kept me very busy.  Daren has also been sidetracked with more pressing projects around his house, so I got the cardboard templates for the vents back from him at the MIJC Hog Eat yesterday.  Today I cut out wooden sides, tops and backs for the two vents, glued and nailed them together, and bent up some louvers for the vents cut from an aluminum sign.  Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 12: Vent Work”

2011 Production Log Entry 11: Fabrication

5-22-11 – 5 hours

Got a bunch of little things done today.  In keeping with the theme of making it quick and easy to “dress” the Jeep in its time machine costume, I fabbed up a mount for the time circuit control panels that sits in the cup holders in the center console.  I also made a mount for the flux capacitor out of PVC pipe (painted black) which will mount using (you guessed it) exhaust clamps.  Is there anything exhaust clamps can’t do? Continue reading “2011 Production Log Entry 11: Fabrication”