PTO Ice Cream Maker, Part 2

Thought I forgot, didn’t you!  Did you forget what we’re talking about?  Check out this page for part 1.  In this installment we’ll look at construction of the sub-frame which supports the PTO drive shaft between the PTO output and the rear of the Jeep.  Although I ordered some of the parts from a catalog, a lot of the linkage at the transfer case was done with junked axle parts.

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Ice Cream Maker, Part 1

A week before I finished this project Jon asked me if, at some point, I’d ever paused to question why the hell I would ever endeavor to make a Jeep-powered, PTO-drive ice cream maker. (Of course, the exact wording from Jon was a little different.) The simple answer: no. Not only no, but hell no! This is one project I was absolutely sure needed to be done. I think this is one of the best uses of my education and training. Sure, having a career is nice but a Jeep-powered ice cream maker? That’s just a sublime embodiment of the thrill and interest of that academic intrigue… In other words, the damned jeep powered ice cream maker is just cool.

I owe much thanks to Jon and Dave for a helping hand from time to time, philosophical guidance, and ‘encouragement’ (in the form of “you idiot…”).  Now it’s time to enjoy this little toy, and hope like crazy it stays together.

In this installment, I’ll review some of the planning that went into this project as well as some of the preliminary fabrication.

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