MIJC Bylaws

Article 1 – Name of Club

This organization is incorporated as a not for profit organization and shall be known as the Mid-Illini Jeepers Club, Inc; hereafter in this document referred to as ‘MIJC’, or ‘Club’.

Article 2 – Purpose of Club

The Mid-Illini Jeepers Club, Inc, is organized as a nonprofit organization for the purpose of:

A. Providing recreational, social, and educational activities for its members.

B. Participating in and supporting civic activities, enjoying and protecting all local, state and federal resources and assisting various government agencies with the development of off-road trails and areas.

C. Adhering to the principles of the Tread Lightly program and the United Four Wheel Drive Association.

Article 3 – Membership and Dues

A. To be a member of the Mid-Illini Jeepers Club, Inc. (MIJC) you must own a vehicle which is titled as a Jeep.

1. Current members who have been continuous members since before 2004, do not currently own a Jeep, and want to remain club members are exempt from this requirement.

2. Current members who have been continuous members since before 2004, subsequently sell his or her jeep, and want to remain club members are exempt from this requirement.

B. Club members must be at least 18 years old.

C. Each membership includes the immediate family.

D. All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion during all Club activities.

E. Dues for this organization shall be $30.00 per calendar year for existing members. The membership year is from January 1 through December 31.

1. New members, defined as someone who has never belonged to the club, may join at any time during the current calendar year. New member dues will be pro-rated at $2.50 for each remaining month in the calendar year, including the month joined. For the next year and years after that, all previous year members’ annual dues shall be $30.00 if paid by January 31.

2. Dues for the next year are payable beginning December 1 of the current year.

3. Existing members are required to pay their next calendar year dues no later than January 31 of the new year.

4. Existing members who do not pay their dues by January 31 will be dropped from the club roster on February 1. If an existing member who does not pay dues by January 31 wants to rejoin after January 31, they may do so; however, their dues amount will be $40.00 for that year, no matter when they rejoin.

F. Applicants must fill out a MIJC membership application, and provide dues payment at time of submission of application.

G. First time applicants interested in the Club may participate for free on their first activity or trail ride with the Club.

H. Dues and other money collected will be used for Club purchases, expenditures for Club activities, and other expenses voted upon by the membership at designated meetings, or by board of directors meetings.

I. Vehicles used by members during Club events must be properly insured according to laws of the State of Illinois or the applicable state of residency of the respective Club member.

J. Members or drivers of a Club member’s vehicle during Club events must have a valid driver’s license.

K. Members must pay Club dues annually.

L. Members must comply with all safety regulations as set forth in these bylaws.

M. Members who participate in Club events are responsible for their own lodging, admission fees, food, fuel and any other expenses of said Club events unless arrangements for Club funds have been approved by the Club or the board of directors prior to the event.

N. Any member of the Club who intentionally damages or destroys public or private property, or willfully violates the Club bylaws, local, state, or federal law(s) while participating in any Club activity which may be directly or indirectly associated with or credited to the Club may be expelled by a unanimous vote of the Board of Directors or a 2/3 majority vote of members for affirmation.

Article 4 – Meetings

A. Official meetings will be held on the 1st Saturday of each month, unless otherwise specially convened, re-scheduled, or canceled by the Board of Directors.

B. The Club meeting during the month of January shall be conducted during the Annual Dinner. This meeting shall be the Annual Meeting. Only current members in good standing, including those who have joined the prior day of the Annual Dinner, are welcome to attend the Annual Dinner. Members may invite guests to the Annual Dinner. All Club members are responsible for any fees and costs associated with attending the Annual Dinner for themselves as well as their guests. Fees not paid before the event will be due upon arrival to the Annual Dinner.

C. All major Club decisions shall be made during Club meetings by majority vote of the membership present for the vote, whenever possible. Major decisions include but are not limited to expenditure of funds for food during a Club event, location and date for the annual dinner, changes of the date of major events, etc.

D. A schedule of monthly activities for the current year shall be provided to members.

E. Meeting and event dates shall be published on the Club webpage and are subject to change.  Changes will be noted on the website.

F. Parliamentary procedure will govern MIJC meetings.

Article 5 – Vehicle Approval and Safety

A. All vehicles used at MIJC must have adequate equipment for legal operation.

B. Seat belts are required for all occupants.

C. No firearms, as governed by federal, state, and local laws, are allowed on trail rides.

D. It is the intent of MIJC to promote safe and fun four wheeling.

E. It is recommended that every Club member participate in a safety inspection, during the Annual Inspection event, of his or her vehicle every year. This is not mandatory, but strongly recommended.

F. All vehicles should be equipped with the following:

1. Fire Extinguisher

2. Seat belts for all passengers

3. Roll bar (full cage recommended)

4. Full size spare and jack

5. Tow Strap

6. Vehicle must have a substantially mounted tow point on the front and rear.

7. Tools for minor trail repairs

8. Appropriate set of spare parts (u-joints, bolts, belts, etc.)

Article 6 – Alcohol / Illegal Substances

A. Alcohol or illegal substances are not allowed while driving as per Illinois law. If these violations occur during a Club trail ride, the member(s) will be instructed to leave.

B. Alcohol is permitted at camp outs or other non-motorized Club activities.

Article 7 – Administration and Officers

A. The elected officers of MIJC shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Events Coordinator, and Safety Director.

B. The Club Webmaster position shall be appointed by the Board of Directors via a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors. The Webmaster position shall adhere to the following:

1. The Webmaster position may be held by a Board of Directors member.

2. There is no term limit for the Webmaster, but the position must be voted on when there is a change in the membership of the Board of Directors, if the Webmaster leaves the club, resigns from the position, or if the members of the Club have voted for a change of Webmaster (which then must still be voted on by the Board of Directors).

3. The individual occupying the position of Webmaster must possess the necessary technical ability to publish and maintain the Club website.

4. The Club members may request or petition a change of Webmaster during a Club meeting with a 2/3 majority vote of the members present. The nominated Webmaster must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote of the Board of Directors.

C. The Board of Directors shall consist of elected officials only.

D. The Board of Directors shall be the governing body of the Club, subject to the will of the Membership. Three members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum. In the event of a tie vote for an item requiring a decision of the Board of Directors, the issue shall be voted upon by the Club members at the next club meeting. A majority vote of the membership present for the vote is required by the Club members to settle such a matter.

E. The Board of Directors will:

1. Appoint all committee chairpersons

2. Co-sign checks for payment of Club expenses.

3. Appoint temporary offices/chairpersons.

F. The fiscal year for the Club shall be from January 1 to December 31, inclusive. All budgeting, membership dues, and financial accounting shall be rendered on this basis.

G. Any property; real, personal or interest therein; or equipment purchased by the Club shall not be considered property of any individual member or group of members, but shall be known as Club property.

H. In the event of the Club disbanding, all Club property shall be sold. The sale will be coordinated by the Board of Directors. All moneys present at time of disbanding and after sale of Club property will be donated to a charity chosen by the Board of Directors.

Article 8 – Duties and Powers of Officers

A. The President shall preside over all members and shall be present at all scheduled events when possible. The President will maintain order at all Club events and meetings and take appropriate action when Club bylaws are violated.

B. The President shall have the duty to carryout the policies and decisions of the members and board of directors.

C. In the absence of the President at meeting, the Vice President shall serve in that capacity.

D. The Secretary shall keep and preserve all records and minutes of the meetings. The secretary shall also:

1. Bill any outstanding debts due to the Club.

2. Maintain an accurate, up-to-date list of Club members.

3. Maintain correct home addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all members.

4. Document meeting minutes and publish them on the website.

5. Submit a copy of the minutes from the Annual Meeting (Annual Dinner) to the Club incorporation attorney within two months of the Annual Dinner.

E. The Treasurer shall keep accurate and complete records of the funds and accounts of the Club and shall collect all dues and maintain records thereof. He/she shall make only such disbursements from the funds and accounts of the organization as are directed by the membership or board of directors. The Treasurer will:

1. Keep written financial records in detail, listing each item of income and expense.

2. Pay all Club transactions via check.

3. No moneys will be paid without receipt and majority approval by the Board of Directors.

4. Collect and deposit all Club moneys including member dues, verify and pay all Club debts from the treasury.

5. Will be responsible for treasurer reports to the Club at each stated meeting.

6. Provide the Secretary with new member information.

F. The Events Coordinator duties are:

1. Prepare the Club annual calendar of events and secure approval by the club at the December meeting with 2/3 majority vote. A preliminary schedule should be published on the Club website prior to the November meeting and presented for discussion at the November meeting.

2. Ensure special club events, such as the Annual Dinner, Summer Picnic / Hog Eat, and Swap Meet, are organized such that there is a location for each major event, that food preparations are made, and cleanup is planned.

G. The Webmaster will keep an up to date web-site for the Club.The Webmaster shall ensure the following, at a minimum, is on the club website:

1. A working discussion forum.

2. The current events schedule, including any adjustments or changes.

3. A location for publishing meeting minutes. The discussion forum may serve this purpose.

4. A current member list matching the list maintained by the Secretary.

H. Safety Director duties are:

1. Coordinate Annual Vehicle Inspections event.

2. Upon request, provide an impromptu inspection (apart from the Annual Inspections) of a vehicle or coordinate a group of experienced Club members to inspect a vehicle.

3. Maintain the inspection item list for the Annual Inspections. Changes to this list should be presented by the Safety Director at a Club meeting and approved by a 2/3 majority of the members present.

4. Develop a standard safety plan, in case of emergency, which will be available for review at the trailhead before an event. The Safety Director need not attend each event to present a safety plan but shall ensure a plan is published (on the Club website) for review by the members present at each event.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of each club member (not the Club) to take action to address any improprieties found during annual or new member vehicle inspections.

Article 9 – Expenditures and Finance

A. All monies received from all sources shall immediately be turned over to the treasurer.

B. There will be no reimbursements of Club dues from members who terminate for any reason.

C. Any receipt for payment of funds shall be presented to the Treasurer within thirty days of the date on the receipt. All others will not be paid, unless the Board of Directors authorized payment.

Article 10 – Election of Officers

A. Officers shall be at least 21 years of age.

B. The membership shall nominate officers during the November club meeting and elect officers during the  December club meeting for the ensuing calendar year. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of members present.

C. To provide continuity, officer positions will be two-year terms and elected as follows:

1. President, Secretary, and Event Coordinator will be elected in odd numbered years.

2. Vice President, Treasurer, and Safety Director will be elected in even number years.

D. The newly elected officers will take office immediately after the end of the December meeting, following elections.

F. All elected officers may run again for the same position, and may hold the same elected office for multiple terms or be elected to a different position. In the case of an officer holding the same office for multiple terms, the following rules shall apply:

1. An officer may serve in the same position for as long as he or she wants to; the club cannot compel him or her to serve.

2. Any officer may resign from their position at any time, for any reason. In the case of a resignation, a special election will be held as per Article 10, section G.

3. After serving two consecutive 2-year terms in the same office, if there is one or more challengers for that position at the regular appointed election interval for that position, the incumbent officer shall step down. The election for that position will proceed among the remaining candidate(s) normally as per the rest of Article 10.

G. To ensure a vacated office position is filled as soon as possible, a special election will be conducted at a Club meeting designated by the Board of Directors. The new officer(s) will be elected by a majority vote of the membership present at that meeting. Nominations will be conducted on the website discussion forum prior to the meeting, and closed at the meeting designated by the Board of Directors.

Article 11 – Impeachment

A. Any officer of MIJC may be impeached by a 2/3 majority vote of the members present for the vote, but a quorum of 20 active memberships is required at that vote. A special meeting may be called by any Board of Directors for such a situation or the vote may occur during a regular monthly Club meeting. A motion for an impeachment vote may be initiated by any Club member. Initiation of an impeachment vote shall require that an officer behave in a manner that reflects badly upon the club including, but not limited to the following:

1. Intentionally damaging or destroying public or private property.

2. Willful violation of the Club bylaws, local, state, or federal law(s) while participating in any Club activity which may be directly or indirectly associated with or credited to the Club.

3. Misappropriation of Club funds.

4. Misrepresenting the Club or its purpose.

5. Behavior not in accordance with the highest standards of decency, respect and order during a Club event or in representation of the Club.

Article 12 – Amendments

A. These bylaws can be changed by a 2/3 majority vote of the membership present at any regular meeting. The changes to the bylaws can be voted on whole or item-by-item. The president, or highest-ranking officer, will determine the means of the vote.

B. Proposed bylaw changes will be posted on the club website and forum for a minimum of 21 days before a vote takes place.

C. Discussion of the changes on the club’s online forum, along with discussion at the meeting before the vote takes place, shall be allowed and considered. Any club member at the voting meeting can propose that a vote should be delayed in order to make more modifications; this proposal would need to pass by a simple majority with the members present at the meeting.

Article 13 – Off-Roading Event Guidelines

A. Adhere to the Tread Lightly program.

1. Trash – Pack it in – Pack it out.

2. Club members are responsible for their families and guest.

3. Wear seat belts.

4. Help inexperienced drivers on the trail.

5. Choose your trail line wisely, make good judgment calls while trail riding, don’t be afraid to ask for help from fellow members.

6. While trail riding, make sure the vehicle directly in front and directly in back is visible at all times.

B. It is recommended that the members present at a specific Club event review a safety procedure, in case of emergency, at the trailhead before an event begins.

C. Members who participate in a specific Club event are responsible for coordination of their own traveling and lodging arrangements unless special arrangements have been made by the Club. In general, those who participate in an event are responsible for organizing the event including travel plans, lodging reservations, and food.

Article 14 – Liability

While trail riding, if you venture on an area not marked, or a closed area, and an officer of the law issues you a ticket, arrest you, or confiscates your vehicle, liability is bore solely by the vehicle owner and/or the person performing the illegal action.

Neither the Mid-Illini Jeepers Club, Inc. (nor its officers or members) is responsible for the loss, theft, or damage to any vehicle. Personal property in vehicles is solely the owner’s responsibility. Each person is participating in MIJC activities voluntarily and are responsible for their own actions.

Article 15 – Indemnification

The Club, to the extent legally permissible, shall indemnify each of its officers and former officers and my indemnify all agents, employees of the Club against all liabilities and expenses, including amounts paid in satisfaction of judgment, in compromise, or as fines, penalties, and counsel fees in connection with the defense or disposition of any action, suit, or other proceedings, whether civil or criminal in which he may be involved in with which he may be threatened, while in office, except with the respect to any matter as to which he shall be adjudicated of any proceeding not to have acted in good faith, if the reasonable belief that his action was in the best interest of the Club, however, that as to any matter disposed of by a compromise payment by such officer, employee, or agent, pursuant to a consent decree or otherwise, no indemnification for such payment or for any other expenses shall be provided unless such compromise shall be approved as in the best interest of the Club by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the disinterested members of the Board. The right of indemnification hereby provided shall not be exclusive of or affect any other rights to which an officer may be entitled. As used in this paragraph the terms “officer”, “agent” or “employee”, include their respective heirs, executors, and administrators.

The aforementioned bylaws were initially adopted on December 8, 2001.  Amendments to the aforementioned bylaws were adopted on May 7, 2011 and Feb 5, 2022.